Tepe Sigeman Chess
May 10 - May 14

Former participants

Through the years, one of the goals of the Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament has always been to feature up and coming guest players. The most obvious success is inviting Magnus Carlsen in 2004, where the then 13-year-old Carlsen finished third, behind Peter Heine Nielsen and Curt Hansen (for those who do not know, Magnus Carlsen is the current world champion). However, there are many more, among former participants we find names such as Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, and Anish Giri, all among the top-20 chess players in the world today.

Many chess legends have played the Sigeman, among them former world champions Vasily Smyslov and Boris Spassky, as well as former world championship runners-up such as Victor Korchnoi, Jan Timman, Nigel Short, Vassily Ivanchuk, and Peter Leko. Also, the world’s best female chess player ever, Judit Polgar, won the tournament in the year 2000.

Who has participated the most times? The answer is home player Jonny Hector, who has an unrivaled 17 appearances over the years. Other regular participants have been Jan Timman (11), Ivan Sokolov (6), and this year’s commentator, Stellan Brynell (4). 

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 1993

How did it all begin? Why was there a yearly Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament for more than 20 years?

It all started in the fall of 1992. The Limhamn Chess Club was looking for ways to give their own top players a chance to play against strong competition. Björn Ansner and Johan Berntsen suggested arranging a grandmaster tournament, an idea that was quickly approved by the board.

Their idea was well received and supported by the Swedish Chess Academy and the City of Malmö, but there was also the small problem of finding a playing venue and a main sponsor. Johan Sigeman, at that time a Malmö Chess Federation board member, had just opened his law firm Sigeman & Co together with a number colleagues, and Sigeman & Co agreed to sponsor the tournament, in return for the name. After some negotiations, the Savoy Hotel also offered a generous deal, including both a playing venue and player accommodation at a reasonable price.

At that time, there were not many people in Sweden with experience from arranging GM tournaments. However, invaluable help came in the form of GM Ferdinand Hellers, who shared his experiences from other similar tournaments abroad. Also, Björn Ansner and Johan Berntsen, along with a number of other club members, had years of experience from arranging open tournaments such as the Limhamn Open and Malmö Open.

It was decided that 10 players, five locals and five invited guests, would all play each other in a round-robin. The tournament, originally intended as a one-off event, became a great success, with a lot of media coverage (this was before the Internet). All five invited grandmasters were very happy with the arrangements and the home team, in the shape of GM Hellers, also came out on top!

Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 1993:

Ferdinand Hellers 6.5
Lars Bo Hansen 6
Oleg Romanishin, Eduardas Rosenthalis, Margeir Petursson and Ian Rogers 5.5
Jonny Hector 4
Magnus Eriksson 2.5
Stellan Brynell and Reynir Helgason 2

It was decided that this would be a recurring event, provided that sufficient sponsorship could be secured. This lasted until 2014, and now, once again, the tournament is back under the name TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament, thanks to Sigeman & Co and the new sponsor TePe!


Limhamns SK and law firm Sigeman & Co was behind Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 1993-2014.
Now the tournament is back, and with a new partner: Tepe.

The ambition of the organizers Limhamns Chessclub, Sigeman & Co and Tepe: arranging a super strong Berger Tournament in Malmo.

In the years 1993-2014 Sweden's chess elite got a chance to meet international stars.
Among them, the current world champion, Magnus Carlsen and ex-world champions Vassily Smyslov and Boris Spasskij.

Even legends like Judit Polgar, Viktor Kortjnoj, Tony Miles, Jan Timman, Lajos Portisch and Alexander Beljavskij have been in Malmo.

To the list of players you can add some of today's active chess stars: Fabiano Caruana, Peter Leko, Hikaru Nakamura, Boris Gelfand, Teimour Radjabov, Anish Giri, Ivan Sokolov, Nigel Short, Vassily Ivanchuk, Ivan Cheparinov, Wesley So, Alexei Shirov, Chao Li, Richard Report, Loek van Wely and Laurent Fressinet.

Now we are ready to invite some of the world's international chess stars to cross swords with our swedish players.

A movie about the tournament
See video

Jesper Hall and Caitlin Mooney has produced a short movie about this years edition of the tournament.

Results round 5 and final standings
Results round 5
IM Axel Smith 0-1 GM Nils Grandelius
GM Erik Blomqvist  ½-½ GM Jan Timman
GM Laurent Fressinet ½-½ GM Jon Ludvig Hammer

Final standings 2014

1. GM Laurent Fressinet 3½

2. IM Axel Smith 3

3 - 4. GM Jan Timman,GM Nils Grandelius 2½

5. GM Jon Ludvig Hammer 2

6. GM Erik Blomqvist 1½