GM Dommaraju Gukesh, India (ELO 2732)

Photo: (c) Lennart Ootes
Photo: (c) Lennart Ootes

16 year-old GM Dommaruju Gukesh, also known as Gukesh D, is yet another chess prodigy from India.

In 2018, he won the under-12 World Youth Championship and secured the title international master. In 2019, he became the second youngest grandmaster ever.

In 2021, he won the Julius Baer Challengers Chess Tour, scoring 14 points in 19 games. In 2022, he drew a lot of attention in the Team Chess Olympics in Chennai, where he started off by scoring a perfect 8/8, to finish as the top scorer on board one with 9/11. He also won the La Roda Open in Spain with an impressive 8 points in 9 rounds, as well as the Menorca Open with 6 points in 7 rounds.

He is participating in the TePe Sigeman Chess Tournament for the first time.