GM Jorden van Foreest, the Netherlands (ELO 2691)

Photo: David Llada

21-year-old IGM Jorden van Foreest is the newest addition to a long succession of Dutch top players.

He showed great talent early on, in 2013, he won the U-14 European Junior Championship, and in 2016, he won the Dutch Championship. In 2017, he finished 5th in the World Junior Championship, half a point behind winner Aryan Tari.

This year, his rating for the first time has reached above 2700, after winning the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk an Zee (after winning the playoff against Anish Giri). This was the first time a Dutch player won in Wijk an Zee since Jan Timman’s win in 1985.

He participates in the TePe Sigeman Chess Tournament for the first time.

10 quick questions:

1) How many years have you played chess professionally?
I started to play chess professionally after I finished my school in May 2018, so about 2.5 years now.

2) At what age did you learn how to play chess?
I was about six years old when I learned how to play chess.

3) Who taught you how to play chess?
My father taught me the rules of the game.

4) What was your first big tournament success (tournament win or similar)?
When I was 14 years old I won the European Youth Championship up to 14.

5) Do you sometimes also participate in other sports/games? If so, which and at what level?
Sometimes I like to go jogging. I also enjoy playing football for fun, but I am exceptionally bad at it 🙂

6) Do you have any family members or relatives that also play chess? If so, who and at what level?
All my siblings can play chess. Everyone at a different level. My brother Lucas is also a strong GM, while my sister of 13 is about 2150.

7) What would you be doing today, if you did not play chess professionally?
I would be studying in university most likely. I would have no idea what to study however!

8) What is your main strength as a chess player?
My fide rating tells me what I am worth.

9) Do you have any superstitions when you sit down at the chess board before a tournament game?
Not really, I might wanna play with the same pen if I win a game, but usually I lose all my pens anyway.

10) What do you hope to achieve in the 2021 TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament?
For me it is an opportunity to play against legends, prodigies and modern world class players. I expect many fighting games, and I hope I learn a lot from the games I will play there.