Round 6 report

Five days of hard and long games might have taken it’s toll as the play was untamed at times during round 6.

Nils Grandelius sacrificed a pawn for promising compensation in a Rossolimo Sicilian against Nihal Sarin. As Nils was trying to find a way through, Nihal got his queen tangled on the kingside and the Swede put it out of play with 23.Lg5. After that the win was straightforward.

Parham Maghsoodloo and Ivan Saric played a very sharp game that looked like it could swing either way at times. Surprisingly the exchange of blows led to an equal endgame that could only ever end in a draw.

Pentala Harikrishna got a promising position early on against Dieter Nisipeanu’s french defence. But the thematic manoeuvre Ld7-e8-h5 got black out of trouble and the game ended with a rook ending and a draw.

Gawain Jones took the chance break into the solo lead by beating Tiger Hillarp Persson. After a slow start to the game things soon got exciting as a miscalculation by Tiger allowed Gawain to sacrifice his queen for a decisive attack.

This opens up for a very tense final round! Pentala Harikrishna will need to defeat Gawain Jones as black to leapfrog him into 1st place.