Round 1 report

Bacrot equalized comfortably as black in the Sicilian opening, but Short gained an edge as the time control approached. A very interesting and unusual endgame materialised  – two bishops and passed pawns against a queen. Bacrot tried to make the bishop pair count, but in the end Short’s queen proved too strong.
Grandelius was well prepared for Sarin’s Spanish with 3…g6. An early advantage became an ending where the Swede could force the win through an attack on the king. 
A rollercoaster of a game – Jones both gained the advantage and lost it in an exciting king’s indian game. After 40 moves Bjerre made a mistake and Jones could regain the advantage in a decisive way.
Van Foreest-Keymer
Van Foreest surprised both us and Keymer with an incredible opening preparation in the Panov variation of the Caro-Kann. Keymer defended himself with vigour, but having used a lot of time early in the game, could not hold the complicated endgame. 

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