Round 3 report

Jordan Van Foreest is in the lead after three rounds, closely followed by the also undefeated Gawain Jones.

A balanced exchange slav until Grandelius made an uncharacteristic blunder with 26.a4. It cost a piece and soon after the game.

Van Foreest vs Short
Van Foreest vs Short. Photo: Lars OA Hedlund

Van Foreest-Short
Van Foreest surprised with the unusual 11.f4 in a Scotch game. Short replied with the subpar 11.-g6 and Van Foreest soon had a promising attack. Despite black’s inventive defence there was no stopping white’s win.




Long theoretical line in the Sveshnikov. The game was never unbalanced and after several exchanges a draw was agreed.

Keymer chose the Caro-Kann defence and equalised comfortably. Both players tried to gain the initiative, but an opposite coloured bishop ending resulted in a draw.

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