Round 4 report

Van Foreest is still in the lead, with legend Nigel Short now leading the chasing pack. 
The Grand Prix attack in the Sicilian. Short played aggressively but Bjerre gave as good as he got until 26…Rd8, which allowed white to put the king to safety with h2-h3. White gained an edge that Short steered towards the win in a rook ending. 
Grandelius-Van Foreest
A long theory variation in the Catalan gave an equal rook ending and a draw.
Black tried an unusual set up in the Reti with h6-g5. Just after 20 moves a draw was agreed through repetition of moves. 
Sarin vs Jones
Sarin vs Jones. Photo: Anders Hansen


In a balanced position in the Spanish opening, Jones surprisingly sacrificed a pawn. The compensation was never enough and Sarin played very well in a long endgame to claim the full point. 

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