Round 5 report

Grandelius surprised most of us by choosing the Open Ruy Lopez. An early advantage for black was transformed into a win in a convincing way by the Swede.

Van Foreest-Bacrot
Bacrot managed to reach the middle game comfortably as black in the French defence, before becoming mysteriously passive. Van Foreest took full advantage and secured the win with forceful play.

Very complicated play in the advance variation of the French defence. The initiative switched back and forth between the two Englishmen before the draw was finally agreed. A result we suspect Nigel Short might be the least happy about.

Keymer – Sarin
Nihal Sarin was well prepared as black in the Queen’s Indian. With a comfortable position he suddenly lost control at around move 53 and the game was beyond saving soon after. At this level of play there is no room for error!

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