Round 6 report

Grandelius and Short failed to make up any ground on Jorden Van Foreest and with one round to go we already have a champion! A very impressive display by the dutchman.

Interesting theoretical duel in the anti-Berliner of the Ruy Lopez. Grandelius tried to put some pressure on Jones, but it soon fizzled out into a draw.

Van Foreest-Bjerre
The Grand Prix attack with very sharp play. Bjerre had some chances in the beginning, for instance 13…axb5 would have been a very interesting sacrifice. Soon after the position swung Van Foreest’s way and the dutchman could clinch the tournament win in a determined fashion.

Nihal Sarin got a promising position in an interesting Ruy Lopez. But after an exchange of queens Bacrot had no problem in securing the draw.

Short- Keymer
A battle between Keymer’s bishop pair and Short’s two knights. With little time left on the clock Keymer lost a pawn, but could still hold on to a draw without too much trouble.