Round 2 report

No signs of yesterday’s three very long games showed, as the players immediately got stuck in during round 2. Some creative play was on display and commentators Yasser Seirwan and Stellan Brynell were surprised more than once.

Nils Grandelius against Gawain Jones contained a lot of interesting twists and turns from the start and fireworks was expected. But in the end a simple rook endgame appeared – and a draw was the outcome.

Tiger Hillarp Persson is in fine form and dismantled Ivan Saric with methodical play. Textbook use of the opposite coloured bishop attack made sure of the full point.

Pentala Harikrishna and Parham Maghsoodloo had another long game today. A well known Ruy Lopez endgame was stretched to 60 moves with both players trying hard to make things go in their favour. In the end multiple exchanges made sure only a draw was the possible outcome.

Nihal Sarin quickly got on the back foot as black against Dieter Nisipeanu. The German managed to win a pawn as the game entered a heavy pieces endgame. Sarin exchanged queens and defended the rook endgame well enough to hang on to the draw.

Despite another three draws it is clear that these eight players are in Malmö to fight. No-one gives an inch!