Vidit catches Nils in the final round!

Vidit catches Nils Grandelius after an unfortunate endgame blunder in the final round by Linus Johansson!

Congratulations to our tournament winners Vidit Gujrathi and Nils Grandelius!

Follow the conclusion of the tournament!

The final round has begun!
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And the live commentary with GM Yasser Seirawan on YouTube:

Round 4 finished with a win for Vidit!

Vidit Santosh Gujrathi takes the win of the round against Alexander Morozevich after a surprising endgame blunder!

Nils Grandelius maintains his half point lead before the final round, with Aryan Tari and Vidit right behind him.

The final round will begin tomorrow at 12:00 CET!

Round 4 has begun!

Round 4 has started!
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And watch the live commentary with GM Yasser Seirawan on youtube:

Round 3 finished!

Once again one out of three games finished with a decisive result. This time Nils Grandelius emerged victorious once again and is thereby leading the tournament by half a point!
We will be back with round 4 tomorrow at 14:00 CET!

Round 3 has started!

Round 3 has begun!
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Round 2 finished!

Aryan Tari takes the only win in the second round of Tepe Sigeman & co chess tournament and is now tied for the lead together with Nils Grandelius!

Round 3 starts tomorrow at 14:00 CET

Round 2 has begun!

Round 2 has now started!

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Round 1 Writeup

Round 1 has finished with Nils Grandelius taking the lead!

Here are some nice writeups of the first round.