Round 1 Writeup

Round 1 has finished with Nils Grandelius taking the lead!

Here are some nice writeups of the first round.

Round 1 Has Begun

Round 1 of the tournament has begun!

Follow it on chess24:

Or youtube:

Drawing of lots

The drawing of lots is now available. In the first round we have the following pairings:

Linus Johansson – Alexander Morozevich
Aryan Tari – Vidit Gujrathi
Nils Grandelius – Benjamin Gledura

See the results page for the full schedule.

Final result from Vidit Gujrathi simul

Vidit did not really give his opponents much chance, and the final score was 10-0! Nathalie Westin put up the hardest fight, but had to surrender in the end.