Pairings round 7

Wednesday September 29th 12.00 CET Jonas Buhl Bjerre – Etienne Bacrot Gawain Jones – J Van Foreest Vincent Keymer – Nils Grandelius Nihal Sarin – Nigel Short

Pairings round 6

Tuesday September 28th 14.00 CET Nigel Short – Vincent Keymer Nils Grandelius – Gawain Jones J Van Foreest – Jonas Buhl Bjerre Etienne Bacrot – Nihal Sarin

Round 4 report

Van Foreest is still in the lead, with legend Nigel Short now leading the chasing pack.    Short-Bjerre The Grand Prix attack in the Sicilian. Short played aggressively but Bjerre gave as good as he got until 26…Rd8, which allowed white to put the king to safety with h2-h3. White …

Pairings round 5

Monday September 27th 14.00 CET J Van Foreest – Etienne Bacrot Jonas Buhl Bjerre – Nils Grandelius Gawain Jones – Nigel Short Vincent Keymer – Nihal Sarin

Round 3 report

Jordan Van Foreest is in the lead after three rounds, closely followed by the also undefeated Gawain Jones. Grandelius-Bacrot A balanced exchange slav until Grandelius made an uncharacteristic blunder with 26.a4. It cost a piece and soon after the game. Van Foreest-Short Van Foreest surprised with the unusual 11.f4 in …

Pairings round 4

Sunday September 26th 14.00 CET Nigel Short – Jonas Buhl Bjerre Nils Grandelius – J Van Foreest Nihal Sarin – Gawain Jones Etienne Bacrot – Vincent Keymer

Round 2 report

Another exciting round! This time every game ended with hard fought draws.   Short-Grandelius A sharp Sicilian were both players had chances. Short looked like pulling the longest straw, but after the complications only a drawn endgame was left.            Keymer-Bjerre Despite an early queen exchange …

Parings round 3

Saturday September 25th 14.00 CET Nils Grandelius – Etienne Bacrot J Van Foreest – Nigel Short Jonas Buhl Bjerre – Nihal Sarin Gawain Jones – Vincent Keymer

Round 1 report

Short-Bacrot Bacrot equalized comfortably as black in the Sicilian opening, but Short gained an edge as the time control approached. A very interesting and unusual endgame materialised  – two bishops and passed pawns against a queen. Bacrot tried to make the bishop pair count, but in the end Short’s queen …

Pairings round 2

Friday September 24th 14.00 CET Nigel Short – Nils Grandelius Vincent Keymer – Jonas Buhl Bjerre Nihal Sarin – J Van Foreest Etienne Bacrot – Gawain Jones