Round 2 report

Another exciting round! This time every game ended with hard fought draws.   Short-Grandelius A sharp Sicilian were both players had chances. Short looked like pulling the longest straw, but after the complications only a drawn endgame was left.            Keymer-Bjerre Despite an early queen exchange …

Parings round 3

Saturday September 25th 14.00 CET Nils Grandelius – Etienne Bacrot J Van Foreest – Nigel Short Jonas Buhl Bjerre – Nihal Sarin Gawain Jones – Vincent Keymer

Round 1 report

Short-Bacrot Bacrot equalized comfortably as black in the Sicilian opening, but Short gained an edge as the time control approached. A very interesting and unusual endgame materialised  – two bishops and passed pawns against a queen. Bacrot tried to make the bishop pair count, but in the end Short’s queen …

Pairings round 2

Friday September 24th 14.00 CET Nigel Short – Nils Grandelius Vincent Keymer – Jonas Buhl Bjerre Nihal Sarin – J Van Foreest Etienne Bacrot – Gawain Jones