Additional information about Tepe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2023

Short draws

Draw agreements within 40 moves are not allowed without the permission of the Chief Arbiter.

FIDE Circuit (Qualification Path for FIDE Candidates Tournament 2024)

The tournament is eligible for the FIDE Circuit (Qualification Path of the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2024). In the situation that two or more players have the same score, qualification points will be shared equally, with an exception for a tied first place, in which case tiebreak games will determine the first place. Please note, tiebreak games will determine only the first place. If more than two players participate in the tiebreak games, all other players will share second place.

Tiebreak regulations

If the top two or more players score the same number of points in the tournament, a tiebreak to determine the tournament winner will be played. All players with this highest score will participate in the tiebreak games. Irrespective of the outcome, the prize money will be divided equally among all the players in the tiebreak. Read the full tiebreak rules here.