Pairings round 1 Cities Cup

Round 1 on 2021/02/20 at 10.00
Bo. 1   Bratislava Rtg 4   Oslo Rtg 0 : 0
1.1 GM
Pechac, Jergus (MrBochwalt)
2507 IM
Johansson, Linus (Linusj)
1.2 IM
Sahidi, Samir (samisahi)
2407 IM
Hauge, Lars Oskar (Larso)
1.3 FM
Kostolansky, Sebastian Lukas (SebastianKost
2393 IM
Nilsen, Joachim Birger (JoaBN)
1.4 FM
Jablonicky, Martin (mjsvk123)
2287 FM
Ranaldi, Lucas (Lucasran)
Bo. 2   Barcelona Rtg 3   Malmö Rtg 0 : 0
2.1 GM
Edouard, Romain (Lapinews)
2614 GM
Hillarp Persson, Tiger (Brumul)
2.2 GM
Alonso Rosell, Alvar (Guirepa)
2564 GM
Smith, Axel (schackstudion)
2.3 GM
Narciso Dublan, Marc (Sitojumi)
2520 IM
Ahlander, Bjorn (BjornAhl)
2.4 GM
Moskalenko, Viktor (Nemo101)
2478 GM
Brynell, Stellan (canuara)

Pairings Hybrid Tournament Cities Cup

Pairings and results on Chess-results
The first team has white on boards 1 and 3, the second team has white on boards 2 and 4

Round 1 Saturday 20 February 10.00 CET
1	  Bratislava	-  Oslo
2	  Barcelona	-  Malmö

Round 2 Saturday 20 February 16.00 CET
1	  Oslo		-  Malmö
2	  Bratislava	-  Barcelona

Round 3 Sunday 21 February 11.00 CET
1	  Barcelona	-  Oslo
2	  Malmö	  	-  Bratislava

Team Members Cities Cup

Four players per team play each match, two are reserves.


  1. GM Tiger Hillarp Persson E2543
  2. GM Axel Smith E2452
  3. IM Björn Ahlander E2352
  4. GM Stellan Brynell E2421
  5. Joel Eklund E2267
  6. Johan Sigeman E2146


  1. GM Romain Edouard E2614
  2. GM Alvar Alonso E2564
  3. GM Fernando Peralta E2554
  4. GM Marc Narciso E2520
  5. GM Viktor Moskalenko E2478

Oslo (offerspil Sjakk klubb)

  1. GM Johan-Sebastian Christiansen E2612
  2. GM Frode Urkedal E2568
  3. IM Linus Johansson E2486
  4. IM Lars Oskar Hauge E2483
  5. IM Joachim B Nilsen E2418
  6. FM Lucas Ranaldi E2333


  1. GM Jergus Pechac E2507
  2. IM Juraj Druska E2495
  3. IM Samir Sahidi E2407
  4. FM Lukas Sebastian Kostolansky E2393
  5. FM Martin Jablonicky E2287
  6. FM Peter Jancovic E2297

Chess Cities Cup – the first official hybrid tournament

Due to the pandemic, the International Chess Federation launches a new concept: a tournament combining playing online and with a physical board.

Photo: Maria Eklind,

Malmö is one of the cities, and will meet Barcelona, Bratislava and Oslo. The teams gather in their respective venue, with each player in front of an chess board. Moves are automatically transmitted to the opponents, and the players are supervised by cameras and arbiters.

When the Swedish national league was played for the first time 1950, long distant matches were allowed to be played by phone. It is time again!

Chess Cities Cup

20-21 February on Malmö Live (photo).
Spectators can follow the games and listen to the commentator online: Saturday 10:00 and 16:00, Sunday 11:00.
Contact: Johan Berntsen, 040-15 03 88,

Malmö(Tepe Sigeman Chess)

  1. GM Tiger Hillarp Persson (photo)
  2. IM Jesper Hall
  3. GM Axel Smith
  4. IM Björn Ahlander
  5. GM Stellan Brynell
  6.  Joel Eklund
  7.  Johan Sigeman

* GM = Grand master.
* IM = International master.

Bild CitiesCupPresstiger_nils
Tiger Hillarp (right) plays first board for Malmö. Photo from the same venue at Tepe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2019.