Round 6 report

Grandelius and Short failed to make up any ground on Jorden Van Foreest and with one round to go we already have a champion! A very impressive display by the dutchman. Grandelius-Jones Interesting theoretical duel in the anti-Berliner of the Ruy Lopez. Grandelius tried to put some pressure on Jones, …

Pairings round 7

Wednesday September 29th 12.00 CET Jonas Buhl Bjerre – Etienne Bacrot Gawain Jones – J Van Foreest Vincent Keymer – Nils Grandelius Nihal Sarin – Nigel Short

Round 5 report

Bjerre-Grandelius Grandelius surprised most of us by choosing the Open Ruy Lopez. An early advantage for black was transformed into a win in a convincing way by the Swede. Van Foreest-Bacrot Bacrot managed to reach the middle game comfortably as black in the French defence, before becoming mysteriously passive. Van …

Pairings round 6

Tuesday September 28th 14.00 CET Nigel Short – Vincent Keymer Nils Grandelius – Gawain Jones J Van Foreest – Jonas Buhl Bjerre Etienne Bacrot – Nihal Sarin